Energising bodies

If you’ve been looking for a place you feel entirely comfortable working out in, Fit My Soul is a safe space where we value all abilities and support mental and physical fitness.

We offer an environment where our clients feel safe to go through a self-transformation through fitness opportunities that nurture your body and mind. 

Our team love getting to know each of our members and seeing their confidence grow as they reach each goal.

Fit My Soul, Fitness Training Mount Waverley
Fit My Soul Personal Trainer - Amanda


We know that not everyone feels their whole self when they walk through our doors, so we take a personalised approach towards reaching your goals.

We invest in nurturing your whole self for long term transformation and tailoring programs to suit your lifestyle.

Body and mind

Mental and physical fitness are closely linked. There is nothing quite like the good feelings of a workout and a clear mind. 

We recognise that each individual has their journey, and by working on the whole body can begin to function better.

Fit My Soul, Fitness Training Mount Waverley