“Time teaches us who’s on our team”.

“I love being a PT, making people laugh (especially myself) and helping those around me to be the most random and comfortable versions of themselves. I love what cricket has brought into my life and how it’s shaped me as a person. 

I have people in my life who I call family even though we are not related. I love a donut. Like really love them!! 

Challenging myself physically and mentally is something I’m doing more of. Every day is a school day. Napkin is my middle name (king of napping). Laughter is the king of kings.”

Fit My Soul Personal Trainer - Shane
Fit My Soul Personal Trainer - Amanda


“My Family are my world. I eat 5 Raspberry Allen frogs every morning before training. Yoga every God damn Day, it keeps me real. Running is my meditation. A Win is an experience, a loss is a life lesson. 

No day goes by without “me time” coming first. I love every single vegetable out there. I live life with an open heart and mind. Being outdoors in nature is my medicine. 

Hate, can’t, and should do not belong in my vocab (except in this sentence). I eat gratitude for breakfast. I must be up before the sun gets up. I wouldn’t swap my life for anyone. I Love my life.”


“My name is Pat. Patrick is my name when I am in trouble or when someone is in desperate need of my attention. 

Being real is my number one priority. You would most likely find me dancing, laughing, in deep life conversation, or playing a sport. My first word was ball. I have played soccer my whole life. Coffee is my oxygen. 

These days value is placed on superficiality and have no time for that. Woodwork, jewellery and making clothes are a secret hobby of mine (not anymore). 

I was brought up to treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO and that is still core value of mine. I believe being open and having a great trainer is a secret key to success.”

Fit My Soul Personal Trainer - Pat
Fit My Soul Personal Trainer - Los


“My name is Lora, people call me Lor, Loz, Lorina, Gus, Pod depending on the day.

I love coffee. I am married to the smartest man I know. The love of our life is our daughter, Maeve Fox. I am one of seven. I don’t collect things, only beautiful people I meet, called life.

I discovered exercise/weight training 17 years ago, which changed my mindset and empowered me in every aspect of my life.

Training legs, booty and back are my favourite. Outdoors and fresh air open my heart. The beach is my place to fill up, let go and be free.”