Your time, your journey

If you’re looking for a balance between a healthy body and a healthy mind with a bit of fun along the way, Fit My Soul will redefine your gym expectations.

We are not your standard fitness studio; we’re not about protein shakes, muscles and short term physical transformation. 

Our motto is not to train the body but the person inside to ensure they leave feeling better than they did when they walked in. It’s the unique fitness experience we are known for that supports both holistic and physical health.

Fit My Soul, Fitness Training Mount Waverley
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Fit My Soul, Fitness Training Mount Waverley

Redefining fitness

Discover the character of our fitness space and trainers at Fit My Soul, where we are 100% about the client. 

We provide health and fitness classes for all abilities, where you can let go and have fun or get serious and work out, but where everyone is positive about change.

Personal training

Experience a personalised approach to your whole well-being, designed to evolve with your abilities and requirements. 

Our trainers guide and motivate you to achieve your goals, whether it’s your first time entering a gym or you are a seasoned member.

Fit My Soul, Fitness Training Mount Waverley
Fit My Soul, Fitness Training Mount Waverley

Group training

We welcome people of all experience levels to become the very best version of you when choosing from our selection of group training classes. 

Whether boxing, bootcamp, agility or dance style training is your thing, enjoy being part of a team with our supportive trainers to achieve your fitness goals.


Unroll your mat and cleanse your way to a healthy mind and body with our stretch and strength classes.

 Yoga helps you clear your mind and gives you many physical benefits that are good for your body and soul.

Fit My Soul, Fitness Training Mount Waverley


“I never wanted to just have a PT studio, I wanted to create a team, a clan, a family. 

A place where people could not only come to train but create a place where they feel they belong and most importantly, feel safe to be themselves. 

On the first Friday of the month we have a boxing and beers night where our clients get a chance to know just a little bit more about each other.

I cannot tell you how much I love it.”

Fit My Soul Personal Trainer - Shane