Fit My Soul, Fitness Training Mount Waverley

Boot camp

Ropes, balls, kettlebells and a whole lot more. Exactly what you need to work the whole body. Every class is different so you’re always in for a surprise. 

A group training program designed to build your cardio fitness through a variety of intense intervals. 

Exercises can be modified to individual needs.


Partnering up with gloves and pads to teach some of the basic principles of the sweet science as well as having a laugh.

Switch off from the outside worries and join us for a sweaty boxing sesh. Develop core strength with boxing techniques and drills. 

This is an all over cardio strength training workout. It will also improve your endurance, co-ordination and stamina. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have your own gloves, we supply the kit and caboodle.

Fit My Soul, Fitness Training Mount Waverley
Fit My Soul, Fitness Training Mount Waverley

Y Bells

Ybells: Not kettlebells, not dumbbells but a class using the super versatile Ybells.

A 45min full body class mixed in with some cardio stations designed to develop overall strength and spike that heart rate.

Fun, sweaty and heaps of laughs.

Fit My Soul, Fitness Training Mount Waverley

Stretch and strength

Slow down, breathe, open up the body, the mind and take body through its full range of movement. 

Stretch and strength is a blend of balance, strength, mental focus and relaxation, designed to improve all over wellbeing and beneficial for all walks of life. It is unique, providing preventive mental and physical benefits. 

This class also teaches breath awareness, inviting presence and calmness into a mindful practice. We have yoga mats you can borrow, however is nice to have your own if yoga is a regular class for you.